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The WDO Finance group from Latvia has experience in providing financial services in over 30 countries in Europe and North America. The Group uses the latest technologies from the fintech sector in its operations. The self-learning, intelligent credit rating system guarantees fair conditions for granting the loan.

WDO Finance has been operating on the Polish market for three years and is still developing its activity. Many clients are satisfied with her services, who have often helped in crisis situations for free.


Sign up for a cash loan direct lenders only

To get a cash loan direct lenders available via, you have to meet only a few conditions. It should be from 20 to 70 years old, have an ID card, bank account, be a Polish citizen and not appear as a debtor in only three databases: BIG infomonitor, ERIF and the National Debt Register.


Only three steps are enough to take the loan


Three simple steps are enough to get a loan from WDO. First, select the amount from PLN 300 to 5,000 on the sliders and the repayment time from 10 to 30 days. Click ‘submit application’ and fill in the form, then confirm the bank account number by the instantor service or a one-way transfer.

Congratulations! All that remains is to wait for WDO to analyze the application. It should take only a few minutes, and you will be informed in a way that you choose. If you pass the verification process, the money will appear on your account soon.


The loyalty program pays off

In the business of loans, a reliable and timely customer is invaluable, and correct repayment of the obligation is an easy profit for both parties. That’s why WDO has prepared a great loyalty program for honest borrowers.

If we correctly pay three liabilities, we will receive a discount offer for the loan commission. It can reach up to 50%, which will make the WDO loan virtually unrivaled. In addition, you can even borrow up to 5,000 zlotys from the second loan. After the first successful repayment, we also get personal customer service by phone.


Additional benefits of a WDO loan

The loyalty program and excellent loan terms are not the only benefits that WDO offers. See what else is attractive in their offer.

  • You can refinance the loan for 14 or 30 days. This is an emergency solution, we will avoid criminal penalties and debt collection in this way.
  • The company sometimes runs contests for customers. Recently, two Samsung S9 and Ipad Pro could be won in exchange for inventing an advertising slogan.
  • Under Polish law, you can repay the loan ahead of schedule. The cost of the loan will then be reduced by the unused repayment period.
  • It is not necessary to have a regular source of income to take out a loan. The intelligent system individually evaluates creditworthiness based on complex factors.

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