Loans without payroll 2019: requirements and rates

The popularity of Bank is increasing, the bank that evaluates loans without payroll, albeit obviously under certain conditions. So let’s see how to get them.

Loans without payroll Bank: requirements and information

Requesting a loan from a banking institution is an important step and it is not always possible to find the type of financing suited to your personal needs; in fact, there are many guarantees to ensure the complete solvency of the debt that is being made, and therefore sometimes it is necessary to disentangle the various budgets that are consulted before signing the agreement. The company can naturally become even more difficult if one intends to request loans from a credit institution, without having a payslip ; in this case, in fact, one of the main guarantees required by the bank itself is missing. Despite this, however, we must not despair because there may be suitable solutions even in similar situations, and in this regard Bank could have the right budget for such a case. In fact, this bank is able to take into consideration other conditions that will replace the payroll, and the loan request will then have to be examined by an investigation and then be in the approved case. Therefore, there must first of all be basic requisites that must be respected as a starting point for the loan negotiation with Bank, even without a payslip, and would be first of all Italian citizenship or in any case you must be in possession of a residence permit valid, with residence in Italy for at least one year.

Then the age must be between a minimum of 18 years and a maximum of 70 years, and you should be in possession of an income that is adequate to the amount of the loan that you are going to request, starting therefore from a good credit position Basic. These are in fact the requisites necessary to request a personal loan that allows you to achieve your goals and your needs, from which you cannot escape; in addition, the loan disbursement sum also includes limits, including time limits. In fact it starts from a minimum of 2,000 euros to reach a maximum of 60,000 euros, to be repaid within a minimum period of 12 months up to the maximum allowed of 120 months. However, we have seen how in some cases it is not possible to prove that you have an income certificate, because you are without a paycheck (in the case, therefore, that you have no salary or pension) and therefore that one of the main conditions for loan disbursement. How to move then? Can you get at least small loans even without payroll ? With Bank it is possible, let’s see how to get them. An indispensable condition is the presentation of a third person, that is the personal guarantor, whose position will be evaluated in depth to access the granting of the loan, also because it is a fundamental figure since he will be responsible for the repayment of the debt in the in which case the principal recipient proves to be in default, despite the request made.

Bank: personal loans without payslip with guarantor

The guarantor is therefore the key figure in obtaining a personal loan without a payslip when presenting to Bank. In some cases, however, the presence of unverifiable receipts on the payslip is also positively assessed, but they include current account movements. Both are valid conditions for a small loan, but the presentation of a good guarantor is still fundamental. In fact, he must not have a negative credit record and must not be the first to subscribe to the loans in place that go beyond 50 percent of his total income. Obviously we are talking about small figures, not comparable to the higher ones provided for a classic personal loan, but they are especially useful for young people who have no income, such as students, who in this way can have access to letterheads, provided that there is always the signature of the parents or guardian, as a guarantee. Obviously the central point of the question is that when it is not possible to prove that it has periodic revenues, guaranteed by a paycheck, the credit institution evaluates the loan as more risky, because the client in question, at least at a theoretical level, is more led to insolvency than others. Increasing this risk, therefore, also increases the interest rate that the bank will demand from the applicant.

We have seen how for a classic personal loan the maximum amount that is paid in the loan is around 60,000 euros ; in this case instead we talk about much smaller figures, which can reach a maximum of about 5,000 euros in total. Furthermore, as already mentioned, we are talking about operations considered more risky than others, so be careful when evaluating the budget or when talking to the financial intermediary, about the interest rate that is applied, that is to say about Tan and Taeg present in the contracts that will be proposed to you. However, there are also other ways to apply for a loan without a payslip, which do not include the presentation of a guarantor ; the repayment of the loan can in fact also be made through the mortgage on a property owned, if you were not able to prove that you received an income. Or, finally, for all those who cannot bring other guarantees in exchange, they could count on a loan without a fixed-rate payslip : in this case the installments to be paid necessary to resolve the debt, would be reimbursed through bills of exchange.

How to apply for a loan without a payslip to Bank and other proposed loans

The loan without payroll is therefore to be considered a small reproduction as regards the personal loan proposed by Bank ; the figures are different and also the interest rate, but the principle at the end is the same, and moreover, already with the official website of Bank you will be able to access a first estimate that converges on the conditions that are deemed most preferable, such as the duration of the loan or the amount to be divided into installments. However Bank also offers other types of loans, which meet the most diverse needs, from employees to retirees. The main types, in addition to the personal loans that we have already discussed, include for example the salary assignment : a type of loan that provides for the withholding in payroll or pension of no more than a fifth of what is perceived, with a repayment which can be deferred up to a maximum of 120 months. Going to any branch of Bank you can get more information on the management of this type of loan and you will be able to access it even if you have previously had bank problems. Then there are situations in which instead other types of loan have already been subscribed and instead we would like to summarize everything in a single installment; in this case Bank proposes the Debt Consolidation Loan formula.

This is a type of financing that allows you to get to have more liquidity, so as to allow you to pay off your debts once and get to have a single installment to be paid at the end of the month, avoiding unnecessary and incidental expenses linked to the payment of multiple monthly installments. Finally, in the event that you need to get an additional sum compared to the one agreed upon in the loan that is already in progress, then Bank offers you the Loan with delegation, that is the possibility of having additional liquidity available in the case where you need it. For example, if a type of loan, such as a salary-backed loan, has previously been subscribed, you can combine this with this Loan with delegation, once you have agreed to settle it with monthly fixed- rate installments. In this way, the total amount of the two monthly installments to be paid will be added, ie both the Fifth Loan and the Loan with Delegation, which however will not exceed the maximum quota of two fifths of the salary or pension. As regards the period of extinction of the two agreed debts, a maximum of 120 months of installment payment can be reached. Moreover, even in this case, it will be possible to access the Loan with delegation without problems, even having in the past had difficulties relating to previous bank mishaps. For all clarifications, in addition to going to the branches of Bank, just look at the official website to find out more about the financing proposal you need.