I need money urgently. What I can do?

It is very likely that you have ever asked yourself the following question: I need money urgently, what can I do? And if that is your case right now, here is a brief list of solutions you can turn to, with some of its advantages and disadvantages.

Request an online microcredit

We start with the solution that is probably the most advantageous in all respects: the online mini-credit. On the one hand, it is a precisely urgent, immediate remedy . In Humble Credit, all of them can be considered 24-hour credits, since it is the maximum period of management: if the request was sent before 3:00 pm, the money will be received on the night of that same day (a request sent on Saturday the afternoon could be received on Monday morning).

Another advantage is the simplicity of the procedure and the limited documentation required of the applicant. This means that practically anyone of legal age can benefit from one of these online microcredits, including those who are on the defaulter list as an ASNEF or who lack a payroll or an endorsement can apply for quick loans without endorsement .

Depends on how you look, the only drawback that can be attributed to this operation is the moderate amount that can be requested: a maximum of € 750 . But that limit is precisely what allows the process to be simple and unencumbered. And that is also what makes an immediate online credit a very suitable solution for unforeseen expenses , such as fines or delay in the collection of payroll, for example.

Ask for a bank loan

This can be the alternative to an online microcredit when more than € 750 is needed , since the amount can be negotiated with the bank or financial institution. Of course, perhaps we should stop considering them ‘urgent’, because this type of loans is far from immediate: every bank or financial company submits each operation to study, which means that the granting of the loan will be extended over time, from days to even several months.

In addition, in many cases the credit is not granted to the applicant, and this can be due to many reasons: you do not have the upper-middle income that the bank intends (high payrolls, permanent jobs and full time) or because The customer is present in a list of defaulters.

Use your own savings

It can be said that it is a conservative solution : resorting to own savings does not have to generate any setback, unless those savings are shared and the other owner does not agree. In any case, be that saving fruit of your effort, of an inheritance or of a prize, it is yours and you should be able to dispose of it as it seems to you.
Of course, it is not always a pleasant decision: those who save usually have a more or less defined savings plan. Any variation in that ‘roadmap’ is a mismatch of accounts from which it is not always easy to recover.
In spite of what has been said previously, it must be pointed out that, in some cases, you can not resort to them when you want. Or rather, ‘you should not’ resort to them. For example, in pension funds: these products, which many clients contract as a savings product, are in fact an investment product, since your bank or the company that manages your pension fund invests with your money in business at most. varied and to prevent capital flight, set penalizacione s important for those who want to withdraw the money early. Therefore, inform yourself well before making a decision.
Another common case are savings accounts, and withdrawing your money is not immediate either. I mean, it’s not like going to the cashier and taking out money. You have to carry out procedures online or in person, which are usually subject to approvals and in some cases can take several months.

Sell ​​jewelry or personal items

Sell ​​jewelry or personal items

With the crisis, pawnshops have become very popular among those who ask the question at the beginning: I need money urgently, what can I do? The system is simple: you go with your jewel, they give it to you and, if you accept, they buy it for you and they pay you at the moment. Disadvantages? The pawnshops are a business and, logically, they look for the maximum economic benefit: they will try to pay you as little as possible to have more profit margin when they sell it again. Another disadvantage, much less secondary, is that jewelery tend to be objects with a high sentimental value and to get rid of them is never a dish of good taste.

In a similar situation are the objects used : music instruments, household appliances, sports equipment and a long etcetera. They can be sold directly through the Internet or through second-hand specialized stores. The main drawback is that they depreciate a lot: what at the time cost € 200, perhaps now is worth no more than € 50, so the store will buy it at an even lower price to have benefit. And in many cases, those objects also have a very strong sentimental value. Also, in cases of direct sales on your part, the money is not immediate, because you must wait for an interested buyer to appear, which depends on many factors.

Therefore, of the four solutions to your question of ‘ I need urgent money, what can I do? ‘, the most recommended option is online microcredit . In any case, carefully analyze your situation and the other possibilities. Surely you give with the perfect remedy.